Pool System Automation

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Control Your Pool From Anywhere Using Your Smartphone

Smartphones have transformed, for the better, the way we live our lives. Need research on a subject? Smartphone it. Looking for a new restaurant? Smartphone it. Want your spa hot by the time you get home from work or dinner? Smartphone it!!

With free smartphone apps from the Apple Store and Android Marketplace combined with protocol adapters from Pentair and Jandy, Tamarack Pools can connect you to your pool equipment right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With a free 15-minute poolside evaluation of your current automation system, we can determine which system is right for you!

If you currently don't have automation, we'll provide you with an automation system. That fits any budget!

Imagine having complete control of pool and spa heating, lighting, water features, landscape lighting, and even video surveillance of your pool and backyard. Everything is accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Now that's a smart use of your phone!

Tamarack Pools installs, upgrades, and maintains more automation systems than anyone. We provide full manufacturer warranty support for all our products. Plus, we provide one additional year of free labor support to all our automation customers -- a value that can't be beat.

Once you have control of your pool with our smartphone applications, you'll realize automation is not a luxury. It's simply smarter!

Use our Contact Us page right now to set up a free zero-pressure evaluation of your current pool control system.

Water Analysis

The Importance of Quality Water

Do you know the quality of water your family and friends swim in? Do you want to know? In all reality, your pool is nothing more than a big, beautiful bowl of water. Imagine 25,000 gallons of water being used over and over again, season after season. This simple fact reminds us that the nature and quality of your water is always changing.

A free water analysis by Tamarack Pools is like a checkup by your physician, without the needles! It's simply information that lets you know the quality of the water you're swimming in right now. You will also be informed of any negative effects the quality of water may have on your swimmers, your pool finish, and your equipment.

You may want to use your free water analysis as an opportunity to explore other sanitation options available today. Most pool owners are aware of the negative effects Tri-Chlor tablets and pool stabilizers can have on human health as well as pool finishes and equipment. Perhaps it's time to explore sanitizing your pool with one of our three tablet-free alternatives.

Saltwater Sanitation System

With proper installation and maintenance, a salt system can provide a steady stream of sanitizer daily, keeping your pool sparkling and problem-free.

ORP/pH Dispensing System

Our automatic monitoring and dispensing systems are the safest and most effective method of distributing the right amount of chlorine for sanitation and acid for a perfectly balanced pH. ORP doesn't measure chlorine, it measures the cleanliness of your water and responds accordingly. Keeping your pH balanced on a daily level saves thousands of dollars in equipment and pool finish repair costs.

Ozone Sanitation

For a select group of swimmers, Tamarack Pools is happy to install and maintain your chemical-free Ozone sanitation system. Ozone is truly a natural sanitizer and is the premier method of sanitation used by elite pool builders, including Skip Philips and David Tisherman. Ozone is a significant financial investment, but for swimmers who want "bottled water" quality water for their family and friends, the return is well worth it.

Schedule your free zero-pressure water analysis today by using the Contact Us tab.

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