About Us

Our body of work…

We live in an era when technology is advancing exponentially. Some advances lend themselves to improving the quality of pools we build and maintain. A comprehensive understanding of how to integrate current technologies is another distinction that sets Tamarack Pools apart.

Your Pool is Alive! Well, Sort of…

Your pool is at least designed and constructed with many features of a living body. Check out some of the similarities:

Circulatory system:

Advances in hydraulics have resulted in a quantum leap in pool construction. Hydraulic specifications are called out in advance to create a circulatory system that filters more water, but doing so in less time and with less energy. That's right MORE Filtration with LESS ENERGY. Welcome to the future. Tamarack Pools takes the lead in implementing the most technologically advanced, variable frequency drive pumps into our circulatory systems.

The use of variable speed technology allows for improved filtration and reduces energy cost by up to 90% compared to standard pumps. All this with less wear and tear on equipment and super quiet operation. Variable speeds allows for perfect jetting because the client can regulate the amount of water passing through the jetting system to create the perfect conditions for each therapy session.

Immune system:

The water you swim in needs to be sanitized, fighting off harmful bacteria that naturally occurs in water. Automated chlorine generators (salt systems) are the most effective and pleasing distribution method available today. Combined with Ozone, a natural sanitizer, Tamarack Pools creates clean, silky smooth water for your family. Chlorine generators or (bromine generators for those with sensitivity to chlorine) is an important part of your project.

Neurological system:

You guessed it! Automation systems integrate all functions of the pool including pumps, valves, heating, lighting and much more into one seamless easy to use controller. Automation is not a luxury. It is critical to systems management. Automation means control. Whether from inside your home, spa, and yes from your computer, tablet or smartphone you are in control.

Tamarack Pools installs and upgrades more automation systems than anyone! We can also integrate your pool controls with your existing home automation system including Questron, Control4, and others.

Skeletal system:

Pools remain relatively stable due to the reinforcing strength of steel. Without it, the vessel would break apart in time. Tamarack Pools uses clean, high tensile strength steel and installs it according to your pool's engineering demands. That's right! Your design is actually reviewed and the steel schedule approved in writing by an engineering firm. Of course, working with vanishing edges, perimeter overflows, and other complex projects, engineering and soil specialists are with us all the way.


The muscle that surrounds our skeletal system is similar to the shell of the pool in several ways. Most importantly it works with the steel to create a very strong monolithic shell. One, if properly designed and constructed, can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure from houses and hillsides as well as a lack of apparent support, thus the vanishing edge. The shell also provides protection for the steel. Water and steel don't mix. When a shell is too thin, disease can set in. To see the deterioration that can be caused by water mixing with steel, view the pictures renovation project entitled: "cancerous growth."


Every body needs a protective coating, swimming pools included. A pool's skin is the protective coating that provides a watertight seal within the vessel. Just as skin comes in a myriad of colors and shades, we love to work with different plaster colors and pebble finishes to create a unique impression. The project is successful if the interior finish is a "reflection" of what is going on outside the pool. The result truly is a waterscape.

Tamarack Pools works to bridge the gap between home and backyard.